My Current Collection of Glasses

I have been wearing glasses, full-time since the middle of secondary school and it definitely took me a while to find the right style for me. Yes, I did go through the tiny rectangular glasses phase & no I’m not proud of it! In the glasses world there is such an amazing variety of styles and shapes that it can be very overwhelming to choose just one pair, especially when you’ve tried so many on that you no longer know what suits you and what doesn’t! I have been very fortunate that my prescription has pretty much stayed the same since I found my favourite style and so I have been able to accumulate a few pairs of gorgeous glasses over the years. I think it is about time I shared them with you, don’t you?
1 | The Trendy Ones | Neil by Ace & Tate | Colour: Brushed Gold

These ‘Neil’ glasses are my current favourites and that isn’t just because they are my most recent optical purchase! They come in this beautifully soft, brushed gold colour that seems to compliment most, if not all, skin tones and they sit so nicely on the face – they aren’t too big, but similarly they aren’t too small. These glasses have a vintage vibe to them that makes me feel a bit like Molly Ringwald in my favourite film, Pretty in Pink, when I wear them, but they also manage to feel fresh and contemporary. Magic, I say!

Maybe it is magic, or maybe it is just that the people at Ace & Tate really know what they are doing when it comes to making glasses. When I was in Amsterdam earlier this year I stumbled across one of their shops and my immediate reaction was to want to try on every pair of glasses in sight. They are just that cool. I actually ordered my ‘Neil’ glasses online from them, which was a bit of a leap of faith, but one that really paid off. Having said that, with Ace & Tate it wasn’t even that much of a risk because if I hadn’t liked them I could have just returned them, that’s right you can return prescription glasses free of charge! They also do a home try-on service for some of the styles. What’s not to love? I can see you are itching to check out their website, so I will stop waffling now!

2 | The Classic Ones | 4273 Tortoiseshell by Hero | Colour: Brown Tortoiseshell
What makes this pair by Hero such a classic style? Maybe it is the simplicity of the shape, or maybe it is the fact they come in the infamous brown tortoiseshell, who knows! Either way they are pretty great, even if they are intended for men – oops! At the time when I was searching for this pair of glasses all the frames I tried on seemed huge. I really don’t have a huge head so this was proving somewhat of a problem, but who knew that I would find my ideal pair by accidentally wandering into the men’s section. Crazier things have happened right? Maybe they are made for men with tiny heads, or maybe they are just universally stylish? Whatever it is, this classic shape sure fooled me and they have been with me ever since.
3 | The Granny Glasses | Long gone, but similar here, here and here.
These clear, acetate glasses have been my go-to pair for literally as long as I can remember and they are fondly known as my granny glasses. I love having a clear pair of glasses because they seem to sort of disappear when you put them on.  It is nice that they aren’t fully transparent, they have a light brown tint to the plastic in the corners, which goes super well with my hair colour. They aren’t the most bold, but they are a bit quirky and I know they will be a firm favourite for a long time to come.
One of my biggest worries when buying new glasses is that I always want a pair that will allow people to still look at my actual face, rather than to just see me as a pair of glasses & look no further. This is where clear glasses are a lifesaver & I 100% recommend that you try them if 1. you don’t think glasses suit you, 2. you don’t like wearing your glasses or 3. you feel overpowered by your glasses. If you don’t try, you’ll never know. You can thank me later!

Do you wear glasses?

I’d love to hear what you favourite styles are and where your favourite places to shop for them are!

Love Holly x

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