What I’ve Been… Reading, Wearing, Creating & Listening To

What have you been reading recently? I feel like I am finally getting back into reading new books, rather than just rereading old ones that I love. It was so exciting to read something new & different, even if I had seen the film of Bridget Jones! Baby steps right! And actually baby steps are exactly what I am taking when it comes to learning how to be a tidy person, all with the help of this magnificent book – The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying. I thought this book was going to be all hype and no substance, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Wowzers. If you are into organisation & living your best life then this is a must read.
Favourites Reading

My rekindled love with reading has led to many happy hours spent with the above & I couldn’t be more pleased with my bargain shopping this month (below).

I have recently been focussing on becoming a more sensible shopper (boring but necessary) and am so pleased with some of my recent purchases, especially as they were all such bargains – either bought on Depop, for which I have a newfound love, or in the summer sales. Ways I have been trying to become more of a grounded buyer include, buying things that will actually go with my favourite wardrobe items, investing in better quality pieces from good designers and buying more plain, classic shaped items. It’s a battle, but I can see my wardrobe slowly evolving to become what I want it to be, so it is worth it!

I’ve been feeling’ all sorts of creative vibes recently (above) and have been listening to some gorgeous songs (below), both old & new. Heaven!

For a while I had been really struggling with creative block and had been pushing aside creative activity & defaulting to watching the T.V. Not good, although we all love some good telly (and bad) now and again. Luckily, when the sun came out a few weeks ago I seemed to regain some of the inspiration I had been lacking and up to now it seems to be holding up. Creative block is the worst so let’s hope this burst of creativity is with us for the long haul

This month I have become totally obsessed with Florence & The Machine’s new album because it is absolute bliss! Florence’s voice is enchanting and she continues to make incredible music; I loved how personal this album felt. I have also been really enjoying some older hits & covers – do you like it when people cover your favourite songs? I find it a bit nerve wracking, but when it works it is so worth the risk – P!nk, I’m taking about you!

Love Holly x

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