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It has been a while since I created a little zine and I had somehow forgotten how much I love the process of making them, and also the end result that the process produces! They are small, so quick to make, and provide an instant canvas longing to be filled with collage and art work of the like. This time around my inspiration for creating came from a want to record what I am loving right now in a more concrete form. To immortalise this moment in time and the styles I like so that I can look back on it all in years to come & reminisce. I’m a sucker for a bit of nostalgia & I know that will never change, and so I like to think I am doing my future self a favour. I’m recording the moment as it is happening and this time round that is in the form of this lil’ zine.

The place I choose to store my inspiration & to keep track of what I am loving is Pinterest, and so that is exactly where I turned to take a snapshot of my current favourites – be that quotes, colours, fashion or homewares. There’s a bit of everything on my Pinterest and so to create this zine I clicked on my most recent pins, collated them on a sheet & printed them off. For all we know Pinterest could close down tomorrow (totally hypothetical, don’t panic) and I want to be able to keep the images that inspire me safe, therefore making something in the ‘real world’ with them was the perfect answer.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working” – Pablo Picasso


After printing off my images, I stuck a rectangle of pink card in the middle of each zine page for continuity and because who doesn’t love a bit of pink. I’m not sure a blog post goes by where I don’t rave about that colour, but anyway! I then cut out some squares & rectangles from my printed page of pin-spiration to create the real content of this zine. Finally I stuck my shapes down, some overlapping and some not, and there you have it, a tiny record of me! My hope is to create one of these for each month of the year and I know it is going to be so much fun. As I go along I will try and share as many of them with you as I can, and I’d love to see your’s if any of you decide to give it a go yourselves.

Some other Zines I have created:  Under the Sea | Raf Simons | Red White & Black | and if you want to make your own zine try Tavi Gevinson’s Tutorial (I make mine from an A4 sheet for reference).

For the sources of any of these images see my Pinterest page here for ALL the pinteresty goodness. Gosh, there are some people out there creating some incredible images! My favourites from this zine were this one, this gorgeous one and this one, it is SUCH a good look.
What’s your favourite way to record the things you love?

Love Holly x

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