New Finds & Current Favourites #3

In this glorious month of lots of sunshine, the centenary of the first votes for women in England and the announcement that there will be a third Legally Blonde movie, I have made lots of new discoveries that I can’t wait to share with you. There are some hella’ talented people out there creating some amazing things, from the cutest illustrations and honest articles, to enchanting music and products that simply make me swoon. Here are nine of this month’s most noteworthy…

1. Interior Website – Pretty Pegs is the dream for any lover of Ikea, who wants to switch up their furniture with gorgeously designed new legs & doors that actually fit!
2. Music Video – You recently met my super fun friend James in this post & this month I have been listening to his glorious cover of Shotgun by George Ezra non-stop. You can’t help but bop along and yes I bop, because I am low-key grandmother.
3. Makeup Tutorial – Never have I gleaned so much from a youtube video than I did from Katie Jane Hughes doing Estee LaLonde’s makeup. Katie is the queen of natural glossy skin and beautiful eyes – she is majorly in demand because she is just so good.  If you spend 10 minutes doing anything today and you ever wear makeup, it should definitely be watching this video.
4. Music – Songs I have been listening to on repeat recently include ‘Hunger‘ by Florence & The Machine; ‘Chandelier‘ by Sia, what a classic; and the whole Greatest Showman soundtrack!
5. Family Illustrations – Brooke Smart‘s illustrations of a year of her life as a mother are beautiful and thought provoking. I love how each one has such a simple title describing what is happening and that she has portrayed both the good days and the bad.
6. Clothing brand – Paloma Wool is for sure one of the most BEAUTIFUL clothing brands that I have ever set eyes on. Based in Barcelona, their structured clothing, soft colour palette and gorgeous original art will one day all be mine. Bank account – you better watch out!
7. Article – This gorgeous post on Rookie Magazine about Leaving Home is so beautifully put together. This is one of my all time favourite websites, see my post about its life-changing magic –here -.
8. Print Shop – Jessie Cave (aka Lavender from Harry Potter) is an illustrative genius as well as comedienne. You should 100% check out her online shop for worryingly relatable & fun hand-drawn illustrations that will have you keeling over with laughter.

9. Personal Story – I have been following the story of Elsie Larson and her family’s road to adopting their gorgeous little girl Nova since it was just a dream for them. It has been such a heart wrenching and beautiful story, that has been giving me all the feels over the last few years. Check out their family blog to read all about their journey.
So, yes there are so many people and brands doing incredible things, creating music, crafting products, producing art and so much more. In fact there are so many that I don’t think I will ever have enough time to share all of my favourites with you, but at least we have made a good start.
What have you been loving recently?
Love Holly x

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