Pink & Practical: A Pink Parcel Review

You will all know by now that I am a huge fan of a subscription boxes, I mean who doesn’t love getting post. It is actually one of my favourite feelings! It’s the little things, right? In the past I have loved being subscribed to beauty boxes like Birchbox, but have never really looked into the other sort of amazing wonders that you can get delivered straight to your door, and boy have I been missing out! From kawaii toys and spa boxes, to packages of fitness clothes and kids craft activities – there really is a box for everyone out there, and today I am going to share a box I’ve been sent that I think alllll you ladies out there are going to love – introducing Pink Parcel.


Right, let’s get straight down to it! Pink Parcel is a subscription box, we have established that, but what is interesting is that it is actually one of the only monthly subscription boxes that actually fulfils a need. How, you may say? Well unlike all the other boxes, this a box with supplies for something that, for us women, comes round every month. That’s right we are talking about periods. The Pink Parcel ethos is all about making women feel their best, even when their bodies are trying their hardest to make it difficult. And so, as well as providing all the necessary stuff for when that time of the month arrives, this box also includes a few lil’ beauty and lifestyle treats to help put a pep in your step when you may actually just feel like hibernating! It’s a yes from me!
The first thing I want to talk about is the size of the box, it was so much bigger than I was expecting it to be and yet was still a discrete enough size and shape for me not to have to chat to my local postman about it! I think I was surprised because the only other subscription boxes I have ever had have been very petite – this must be at least two and a half times the size of your conventional Birchbox, but still fits through the letterbox.
When I opened up the box, the first thing I saw was that it was organised into sub-boxes and the cutest lil’ bag. Now, you guys all know how much of an organisation freak I am and so will (hopefully) understand why this brought such joy to my little heart. Plus, it sort of reminded me of pass the parcel – what a great game that was! Anyway, the bag and each of the boxes were labelled with For You, For Now, For Night and For Later, and I thought I’d give you a run down of what to expect in them.
For You – This is my favourite part of the pink parcel for the obvious reason that it contains a few little gifts to keep your spirits up and spoil yourself on those days when mother nature is seriously getting you down! The box that Pink Parcel kindly sent over to me included:
My favourites from this lovely selection were the Ape Coconut Snacks and the Jelly Pong Pong Matte Lipstick. The former because it was actually healthy, gluten free and didn’t taste bad – hallelujah, and the latter because it was such a deep, but vibrant red colour. The shade I received was ‘Awesome’ and for a matte lipstick this is surprisingly moisturising and it even smells like a freshly opened pack of jelly beans – YUM!
For Now, For Night, For Later – Enough of all the little treats, let’s get onto the practical stuff. So, these three parcels should provide everything you need, and love to have, before and during your time of the month. What’s so great about this box is that you can choose the brand and type of protection that YOU love and Pink Parcel will customise your box to suit you. Plus, if you want to change your product preference at any point all you need to do is update it online. Oh, and by the way you decide when your box arrives, so you are never left short of supplies, and can cancel your subscription whenever you fancy!
And, before any of you start worrying about if Pink Parcel is just another consumer driven business, let me put your mind at rest. They are currently partnered with six different charities, working on things from female empowerment to providing period essentials to those who don’t currently have access to them. That’s pretty damn cool if you ask me and you can find out more about their charity work here. Also, to top it off they have a blog of their own, which is helping to fight the battle to normalise periods and chats about everything from wellness and mental health, to art and beauty.
So there we have it, a subscription box that finally understands what us ladies want – a good cuppa, plenty of supplies and the pamper essentials! As one of my lovely readers, you can use the discount code ‘PP20’ for 20% off your first Pink Parcel box and treat yourself. Enjoy!
Do you have a favourite subscription box?
Love Holly xo
This product was gifted to me by Pink Parcel, but all crazy ramblings and opinions remain my own. 

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