The Battle of the Micellar Waters

A few years ago micellar water wasn’t even on the radar, apart from for the French – lucky things. However, nowadays it is a completely different story, suddenly it is everywhere and I for one am a huge fan. As someone with super sensitive skin this magic product has been a lifesaver. Why? Because the micelles in the water act like magnets to cling to all the dirt and makeup on your face without you having to rub your face until it’s sore! It cleanses and removes makeup all with the swipe of a cotton pad making it easy, quick and soothing. The winning combination. But which of these magic waters is the best? I have put three different brands to the test, using an entire bottle of each (maybe two of some!) to see which one would come out on top… and here are the results!

1. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

So, let’s start with what I think of as the classic micellar water – Garnier. This was the first micellar water that my friends and I rushed out to buy after hearing amazing things about the stuff in all our favourite magazines. I couldn’t believe it, a gentle make-up remover that wasn’t going to leave you with an oily, irritated face. Uh, yes please!
I always feel like I will have a special relationship (sad I know) with this product because it was the one that kicked off my love for the micelles, but it is for good reason. Firstly, the price of this for what you get is just brilliant. The last bottle I had was the 400ml one and on the front it says the average person will get 200 uses out of that. I mean you do the maths. For a budget buy this is a great product that really does what it says on the bottle – plus the lid makes it super easy to apply the right amount to a cotton pad without it dripping everywhere – hallelujah! A well designed, good value, hypoallergenic product. If you’ve never tried micellar water then I’d say this would be a great place to start.

I’d give it … 8/10

2. Bioderma Sensibio H2O

This next buy is slightly more pricey but after receiving a sample through Birchbox, I decided to go for it. Bioderma’s micellar water has an incredible reputation with make-up artists and bloggers alike and for once the hype is totally legitimate. This is a truly brilliant product that leaves your face feeling so fresh and clean. And for those of you with sensitive skin, as this product get to work it’s ingredients help to relieve feelings of irritation and it really respects the balance of your skin. Yes! I definitely need to repurchase this when I have finished writing this blog post.

I won’t go on and on because you have all heard me rave about this babe of a product before in this post. Just know that this is my go-to micellar water and so far no product has managed to knock it off the top spot. Go BioDerma!

I’d give it … 9/10

3. Simple Micellar Cleansing Water

This bottle has lasted me such a long time and, with being the cheapest out of the three products today, it is definitely value for money in terms of quantity of product. I’d say this is your sort of bog standard micellar water. It does the job and leaves your face clean, but it isn’t my favourite one to use if I am totally honest. It lacks that very fresh and soothed feeling that the others leave you with, but having said that I do admire Simple as a really great brand. I love that they concentrate on making sure that their products don’t contain any nasty, harsh chemicals or perfumes. So they definitely get kudos for that,  and this micellar water does contain extra vitamins, which my skin has been loving. If you after something super, super gentle then I’d totally recommend this.

I’d give it … 7/10

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How to Use Micellar Water

1. Apply the product to both sides of a cotton pad.
2. Swipe all over your face in circular motions. When removing eye makeup, hold on the eye area  for a moment and then wipe away to remove.
3. That’s it! There’s no need to rinse, although some suggest patting your face dry with a clean towel. Continue with your skincare routine.

Are you a lover of micellar water and which is your favourite?
Love Holly x

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