Style File: Florals for Spring. Groundbreaking.

One of my favourite lines from the film Devil Wears Prada is uttered by the character Miranda Priestly, the editor-in-chief of a high-flying fashion magazine, and is her response to someone suggesting they do a feature on florals for Spring. Her reply? In her classic, sarcastic fashion, “Florals? For spring. Groundbreaking”. For me this line sums up exactly how I feel about Spring fashion, which year on year seems to be dominated by pastels and pretty flowers. You all know that I like pastel colours and I am a huge fan of flowers (because who isn’t), but that doesn’t mean when the sun comes out I want to deck myself out head to toe in ‘pretty’ because it just isn’t me. No thank you! That’s not to say that it is wrong to love these classic Spring trends, it isn’t, but today I thought I’d share a different perspective. Today let’s chat about how I am dressing MY way this spring and how you can do the same.

T-shirt – Next | Beret – H&M | Gingham Jeans – Charity Shop, originally Primark | Velcro Vans – Office | Watch – Casio (from UO)
I love these gingham trousers, to me they are spring-like but in a more unconventional way. A nod to the classic spring picnic, without being plastered in flowers and sunshines. That’s not to say that gingham hasn’t made it’s way into spring features over the past few years. It definitely has, but to me it is an underrated trend that definitely hasn’t had enough attention. I would even say that it deserves more coverage than the typical springtime looks, but that might be controversial!
Struggling with spring fashion? Try to look through the florals, if they aren’t your thing, to pick up on the spring trends that suit your style. There is no shame in being choosy about the trends you want to follow (if any at all) because that is what makes exciting outfits that are individual to you. To me these trousers fit my style perfectly, but still have an air of springtime about them. The perfect balance between embracing the trends and sticking to what I know and love!
I decided to pair my ‘picnic’ trousers with a plain black, mid-sleeve t-shirt from Next. Something I have always loved is to wear black in summer. I think it is classy, simple and if you have read my – post here – then you will know that it is one of most worn colours and I’m not ashamed of that. It is important to remember that just because it is black it doesn’t mean it has to boil you alive, I mean like that is going to happen in England anyway! Choose light fabrics, shirts and crepe dresses in black and trust me, you will be the coolest (in both senses of the word) gal about town.
Still not convinced? Check out this article from Vogue a few years ago.
On the accessories front I paired my outfit with my velcro Vans, black beret and classic Casio watch. Berets are a newfound love of mine, thanks to Liv Purvis from What Olivia Did, and I just can’t get enough of them. I am loving those French vibes, I mean the French somehow manage to always look cool so let’s hope we’ve found their secret hey (I very much doubt it)! If, like me, you have very fair skin and burn like crazy in the sun then a hat is a must, so why not switch up the cap for a beret to stop your parting from burning – yes,  that has happened to me before and yes, it does hurt. There’s new hat in town, it’s chic, it’s fun and for me at least it’s here to stay.
So if, like Miranda Priestly, you are finding yourself bored with same old bright spring trends then I hope this post has encouraged you to evolve your style to suit YOU this Spring/Summer. Alternatively, if you are a lover of all things pastel & florals then I hope you enjoyed this look into alternative warm weather dressing and I very much hope pastel pink is a staple of your wardrobe!
What does your wardrobe look like this spring?

Love Holly x

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