New Finds & Current Favourites #2

The last month has been one full of fabulous new discoveries and I feel like I have made some absolute classic finds that are going to stay favourites for a long time to come. I may even have a new film for my all time top 10. I know, so exciting right! It was lovely to finally find some fresh sources of inspiration after a few weeks feeling really stuck in a creative rut. Boo. Are you lacking inspiration, or maybe just fancy finding a new cosy programme? Either way, don’t fear. I’ve got you covered, just read on to find some gorgeous new shops, eco-minded websites and prime tv viewing. You will be back on a creative roll in no time!

1. Oh Joy! is the online shop for the brand of the same name by Joy Cho – the shop and blog are actual pure joy and I love all of their gorgeous products, especially their most recent confetti luggage collab with CALPAK

2.  The Betty Newsletter from Charlotte Jacklin of Betty Magazine, aptly named The Monday Motivator, is one sort of email that I love to open and is always full of insightful chit-chat, inspirational ideas and links to set your week off to a great start! On that note have you signed up to our mailing list? You can do so in the right hand sidebar to receive fun inspiration to your inbox, sign up to Betty’s while you’re at it too!

3. The Giving Keys is a non-profit shop that uses the money raised from its’ key jewellery to help the homeless of Los Angeles into work. Each piece of jewellery is marked with a word, such as ‘courage’, that encourages you to use it to empower yourself and then the idea is that when someone around you look like they need some ‘courage’, for example, then you pass it onto them. One long train of positivity.

4. Escape to the Chateau is my current cosy programme. It is all about Dick and Angel Strawbridge’s adventures in renovating an 18th Century Chateau in France. They are fabulously eccentric and creative, plus they do weddings at the Chateau on top of everything else! Heaven.
5. My favourite on this list is my replacement Google, Ecosia.  An alternative search engine that uses the money it makes from advertising to plant trees across the world where they are needed most. They are a super eco friendly and transparent company, and I love what they are about. Plus it was so easy to change them to my default browser, if I can do it then you can do it too!
6. Alexa Chung’s heavenly clothing brand. It is all so gorgeous and if I could dress head to toe in it, & its vintage vibes, everyday then I definitely would. I particularly have my eye on this Cat Cardigan and this Denim Boilersuit.
7. A few weeks ago the BBC showed the 2015 film, ‘Brooklyn’ and I fell in love with it. Saorise Ronan plays an Eilis, an Irish girl who emigrates to New York during the 1950s and the film shows her beautiful journey as she struggles with homesickness, carving a new life for herself and loss. It is definitely one of my new favourites!
8. Love magazines, then Issuu is just what you didn’t know you’ve been looking for! A free website full of beautiful magazine content, yes I did say free. There are some incredible publications available and I highly recommend having a peruse through this fab website.
9. This dress from Olive is so beautiful. I’m pretty sure it is my soulmate and that we are meant to be together. I better get saving, eh! (p.s. they also sell stunning shoes – I’ve definitely got my eye on these).
So, there we have it a round up of all the things that have been catching my eye recently! Let me know if you think I am missing anything. I’d love to know what have you been loving in the past month?
For even more inspiration visit the original New Finds & Current Favourites post for ice-cream, Harry Styles and loads more fun stuff.
Love Holly x

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