Style File: Spring Sisterhood

It feels like SO long since I shared any outfits with you guys, maybe just because it really has been quite a while. I feel like I have been in a bit of a fashion slump recently and have struggled with where to turn next. You know, just really lacking inspiration. Normally when this happens I go shopping to pick up some new pieces that I can pair with some old bits & bobs, and ‘voila’ I escape the rut – but not this time. Instead of shopping for new inspiration I have actually done the opposite & boy did it feel good. I had a big wardrobe clear out, found a few items that I had forgotten and scoured Pinterest for outfits that I could put together with what I already had. The result? No more fashion slump and this killer outfit. Yay for new approaches!

In terms of my outfit itself, the main attraction is this pastel, yellow ‘Sisterhood’ jumper that I bought a while ago from New Look. I feel like the colouring gives it a subtle spring vibe, without being over the top. New Look has so many great slogan jumpers and when I saw this I knew I had to have it. Plus, it has such a Bella Freud vibe about it and it is so hard to find good quality in-knitted jumpers like this that I just couldn’t leave it. Unfortunately, this one isn’t available anymore (sorry for the tease) but I’d definitely recommend checking out New Look’s website because they have so many amazing slogan tees and jumpers. Here’s a few I’ve currently got my eye on…

I think when you are wearing a statement jumper, or tee, the best thing to do is to keep the rest of the outfit smart & simple – we don’t want to be going too wild guys. With this and my love of the current tailoring trend in mind, I have been loving pairing my bright, spring jumper with a simple black suit & a pair of velcro vans. Almost like a toddler ready for a day of work in the city. I mean just the look you’ve always wanted right? 


I am loving the dressed-down smart of this outfit, and others like it, and think whoever discovered the majesty of the trainer-suit combo deserves a pat on the back – good job. Talking of the suit, my blazer is an old one from Principles Petite, and the trousers are some classic Next tailoring, which I had altered so that they now fit perfectly. Altering is a great way to get a suit that fits perfectly without it costing the world. I often have trousers altered because they will be the right length, but the waist will be too big & vice versa. And the same goes for when I fall in love with a vintage piece, but it isn’t my size – just take it along to the tailors and let them work their magic. It is so worth it for unique pieces that you would otherwise have to leave behind. I totally recommend giving it a go.


One thing that you probably realise by now is that I don’t really bother with accessories that often – apart from the odd flyaway hair as you can see from these pictures! However, one thing I really do love is a handbag. I’m sure I already have too many. Anyway, I actually bought this one from Primark about five years ago (!) and, surprisingly, it has lasted so well – I mean, I think it looks almost brand new. I love that it has a long handle for wearing it over the shoulder, or crossbody, and a short strap for when you are feeling fancy and want to carry it in one hand. It is versatile and it is black, meaning it goes with everything. Not bad. And, if that wasn’t enough it is also the perfect size to fit everything I need in it, which always surprises me because I carry around a lot of junk, and it even has a zip pocket. I tell you, when this bag eventually dies on me, I really will miss it – the ultimate, compact handbag.

I am loving the slogan trend and I hope it is here to stay. It’s being able to let my clothes do the talking, but what do you reckon? Are slogans yay or nay? Let me know down below. So anyway, I hope that this post inspires you to break out of the cycle of running to the shops when you hit a fashion rut and encourages you to try looking at your wardrobe in a new way. You may be surprised with the results. I definitely was. Sometimes the best things are lurking in the back of the wardrobe waiting to be rediscovered.
Love Holly x
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