Style File: The Modern 80s

Anyone else a fan of the 80s? I love it so much that I often think that I was born in the wrong era. It was definitely a time of amazing, experimental fashion (if you block out the leg warmers & stirrup pant) and much to my joy the trends of the day, like huge shoulders, big hair & chunky earrings, seem to be back with a modern twist and I’m lovin’ it. Today I thought I would share a recent purchase that is giving me a small slice of what it felt like to be dressed up & ready to go in the 80s. The oversized blazer of dreams.

Through my life I have definitely had a love-hate relationship with the humble, English blazer. I wore one for the entirety of my secondary school career and then when I finished school, I put it at the back of my wardrobe hoping it would stay there forever. I mean, I had been wearing one every day for about eight years, can you blame me for wanting a change! As the years have gone by I have admired so many people wearing blazers and thought how good they look. Alas, no trend was enough to convince me to put one back on. Well, at least until now. Thanks to an amazing day in London earlier this week, I have now got what I like to think of as the jacket that is going reignite my love affair with blazers and so far it is doing the trick. The 80s have done it again.
So, the blazer itself was a steal from H&M and paired with this black roll neck from Next, leather mini skirt I picked up in a charity shop (originally from River Island) & DMs, I feel like this outfit is a winner. You could say it is channeling a cross between the 80s style of Brooke Shields (I mean I wish) and casualĀ Molly Ringwald, now, if that isn’t a winning combination then I don’t really know what is.
By now you have probably established that I love the 80s, but when it comes to fashion I don’t just want to copy the era’s style. I mean after all, no-one likes a copy cat. When I saw this jacket, I thought it was 80s through and through, however once I had it on I realised that it was everything I never knew that I wanted. That being a twenty first century take on one of my favourite trends, from my favourite fashion era. It was modern 80s. My shoulders were structured but not excessively wide or touching the sky; the cut was oversized but not as though I had borrowed one of my dad’s suit jackets, and it was power dressing but not in an aggressive way. Essentially what I am trying to say is that it was perfect.
Since buying this blazer I have worn it whenever I can and already know that it is going to become a staple in my wardrobe – it just seems to go with everything, despite the fact it isn’t black. Who knew? I am loving the modern 80s revival. What is your favourite fashion era and has it had its revival yet?

Love Holly x

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