5 Magazines to Fall in Love With

Magazines have captured my imagination for as long as I can remember and I can’t believe that it has taken me this long to feature them on here because they are literally one of my absolute favourite things EVER. As much as I really love to read blogs, for me they will never replace that feeling of a magazine in my hands, something tangible to hold, read and keep; not to mention that I find myself constantly referring back to them for inspiration and guidance. My collection is huge, and some would say out of control (anyone who knows a great way to store magazines hit me up), and so today I thought I would share my passion with you. Let’s have a chat about some of the magazines that I just can’t help keep buying and reaching for.

1. British Vogue.
I mean where else was I going to start. I remember so vividly the first time that I ever read Vogue at Hops & Pops’ (my grandparent’s) house. It was one of the most beautiful magazines that I had ever seen and I remember the feeling of inspiration rushing through me as I turned the pages for the first time. I have always loved fashion and to have all the major trends and icons laid out before me was more than my little 12 year old heart could take. Since that very first time I have been an avid reader and to be honest, think I always will be.
Vogue now has a new editor in Edward Enninful and, although I will always love the work of former editor, Alexandra Shulman, I think Enninful has really brought a fresh feel to the magazine that I love. It remains timeless and iconic, but has a new edge – I mean there was a sticker page in his first edition as editor… what!? Stickers in Vogue, I love it! It is exciting to see this magazine enter a new chapter and I can’t wait to see which direction Enninful takes it in.
(right: Vogue, top: Harper’s Bazaar, bottom: Nylon)
2. Nylon.
Meet what I like to call, Company Magazine’s (RIP) older, cooler sister. Nylon is a down to earth, fun loving magazine, covering everything from street style to the makeup looks of Twiggy. Everything in this magazine oozes unconventional style and is put together in such an arty way, making it a feast for the eyes. One of my favourite things about it is that they use so much illustration (see bottom magazine above) and that they style affordable, high street clothing in really interesting and inspiring ways. Yes guys! And I can’t talk about Nylon without mentioning that they did a collaboration with Rookie Magazine and Tavi Gevinson (ofc) edited it – I mean if that doesn’t make you want to run out and buy it then I don’t know what will.
3. Harper’s Bazaar UK.
From an older, cooler sister to that amazing classy aunt that everyone wishes they were, Harper’s Bazaar is about as gorgeous & glamorous as it gets. This magazine is all about beauty and it is what I would call an elegant read, with articles about everything from art and design, to couture and Coco Chanel. I flippin’ love it. It is intricate and beautifully put together, not to mention it contains educated and informed articles about fashion goddesses and the latest interior trends. It is the one for anyone who wants class and allure (I hope you read that as if Stevie from Miranda said it, despite her being the opposite of Harper’s Bazaar!).
4. Elle Decoration.
Interiors, interiors, interiors – where to begin? I am currently obsessed with home styling and it my dream to own my own beautifully curated home, so when it comes to my dream magazine then this is it. I was so happy to receive a subscription for this inspirational magazine for Christmas and I can’t wait to get my hands on every copy for the ultimate creativity boost. My current favourite interiors trends are pink, terrazzo and icelandic houses (lol), to see more click here to see my homey finds on Pinterest.
5. Aesthetica.
Last, but by no means least, comes a magazine that has art, architecture, design and a drop of fashion all rolled into one. By this point in reading you will realise that I love a good fashion magazine, but believe it or not sometimes it is actually really nice to be able to read something a bit different and that is exactly what Aesthetica is. Different. It reports on the crazy goings on of the art world in succinct articles and shows incredible photography and buildings that make you wonder why we all live in such boring little boxes. It is a stunning magazine and a must read/view for anyone with an interest in culture, art or both.

Obviously there are more than five titles that I love to read and other favourites include ‘Dazed & Confused’, ‘iD’, ‘Pop’ and many more. You guys have probably worked out by now that I could go on about magazines all day long! Do you still buy magazines and which ones do you like to read? I’d love to know!

Love Holly x

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