Three Days, Three Outfits

I have loved putting outfits together, for myself and for my friends, for as long as I can remember and getting dressed has long been one of my favourite parts of my morning routine. I have so much fun creating different outfits on a day-to-day basis that I thought today it would be cool, rather than only sharing one outfit with you, to share a few days worth so you can really get an insight into what I typically wear. Let’s note that this is what I wear on days when I am going out of the house and it is a very different fash-un story when I am chilling at home… we will go into that another day! Anyway, today I am going to give you an insight into what I am loving to wear at the moment and I hope you enjoy having a good nosey into my current wardrobe!

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I have had this coat for what seems like forever… and they are right. Since the day I bought it I have hardly been seen without it. Why? Because it goes with everything (yay for a monochromatic colour scheme) and is so cosy! As the Topshop sale was ending many years ago, my mum spotted it at the end of one of the rails & we couldn’t quite believe what we saw next. A price tag that said just £10.00! Of course, being a huge bargain hunter & having fallen in love with it, I had to have it. A steal if you ask me & I have definitely had my monies worth. Investing, or not as the case may be, in a good coat is a must when you live in England & I know that this coat and I still have many more winters together to come.
With a big coat, one of my favourite types of outfit to wear at the moment is some smart trousers, mainly these ones from Next, with a block coloured top or slogan tee. I have always been a skinny jeans sort of girl but since rediscovering these trousers in the back of my wardrobe a couple of weeks ago I have been loving them. After all these years I think I have finally found the style of ‘bottoms’ that suit me best and, in my wardrobe, it looks like the smart trouser is here to stay. I love to pair them with matching trainers & bobble hat, with just a pop of colour coming from whatever top I am wearing – in this case this wintery, high neck, velvet long sleeve from Primark. Love it!

We are only onto the second outfit and I can already see a, purely unintentional, theme occurring – black and white with a pop of colour, um… yes please! I think this look really shows the power of leaving the colour to the accessories and how doing so can bring real ‘zing’ to an look. Definitely one for the warmer winter days, this outfit is made up of classic pieces that we all own, and if you don’t where have you been! I’m talking a black leather jacket, black & white striped top, black skinny jeans, red lipstick & some trusty ankle boots. If I had a capsule wardrobe (in my dreams), I know that ALL of these pieces would definitely be in it – despite what I said earlier about my skinny jeans (hypocrite alert).
One thing from this outfit that I’d particularly like to chat about, although we all know I could go on and on about all of these items, is this pair of white, studded, leather ankle boots from Moda In Pelle (found in TKMaxx, of course). Now, I completely understand if you just really hate these, I know they won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I love them. I call them my ‘Noel Fielding’ (fashion god) boots and I wear them ALL the time. I wasn’t sure about buying them, not because I wasn’t sure if I liked them (I knew I loved them), but because I wasn’t sure that they would go with anything. And that’s where I was wrong. The fact that they are a bit ‘out there’ means that actually they go with almost anything because they, quite literally, stand on their own two feet. They have been my saving grace in so many fashion stresses, acting as the star on top of the Christmas tree that just pulls everything together. If you are ever unsure of buying some more individual shoes, or anything that is a bit different for that matter, I implore you to go for it because if you love the item enough then you will make it work & rock it.

Now, if you thought my bargain Topshop find was a thrifty coat buy then you may want to sit down because I may be about to top it. There is a brilliant shop in the town of Ironbridge called ‘The Vintage Corner’ and we love to pop in and admire their amazing selection of vintage clothes. They previously had a room called bargain corner at the back of the shop & having a good look in there one day I came across this gorgeous, grey-brown sheepskin coat. Again, I immediately fell in love & after trying it on, only to discover a perfect fit, I knew it was meant to be. Quite literally priceless, I took it to the counter to see how much it was and to my joy the answer was £7.00. That day I became the proud owner of the warmest coat on the planet & I know that this Winter, my Topshop coat is going to have some serious competition.
As I mentioned earlier, I have recently been loving wearing smarter trousers with plain t-shirts & that is exactly what this outfit is… again. I needn’t ramble on about these trousers as they already have their own – dedicated post – and yes, I am still pairing them with my adidas gazelles because there is something about the combo of pink, black & grey that I just can’t resist. It can’t just be me, surely?

So, there you have it, a rambling, rundown of three days of dressing with Holly – with a hella’ lot of smart trousers! I hope you enjoyed this different style of outfit post, I’d love to hear your thoughts down below, and I will see you soon for another post. I feel like it may be about time we started to get a bit festive around here. What do you think?
Love Holly x

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