Style File: Black, Blue and Velcro Too

As we transition from Summer to Autumn dressing for the weather can become quite tricky here in England. One minute the sun is blaring down on you, the next it is pouring with rain. In this weather I like to keep it simple with a basic outfit that is practical (sorry fashion!) but still looks great. This time of year I want (read: need) a base that I can work from, something that looks great on its own but also with whatever coat I may need – be that a leather jacket or a big, fluffy sheepskin. I’m not one to go and change if my outfit doesn’t suit the weather so the value of having an outfit that simply fits all eventualities with just the addition of a coat, jacket or a scarf is perfect. So what pieces make up this staple, summer/autumn 2017 outfit…

Firstly, you can never go wrong with a good pair of blue jeans. I’m pretty sure everyone I know owns a pair. I recently bought these MOTO Mid Blue Straight Leg Raw Hem Jeans from Topshop, adding to my collection of Topshop Jeans, and I haven’t taken them off since (not literally guys, c’mon now…). Ordering these was a bit of a gamble as I haven’t owned any straight legged jeans since I was about 10 years old, and I’d be the first to admit that they didn’t look great. However, I have seen so many people rocking them this season that I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone a bit and just get them, and boy am I glad I did. As with most good, blue jeans these go with almost everything in my wardrobe and for the purpose of an autumn staple they are brilliant because they are a thicker fabric than most of my other, skinny, jeans keeping me toasty warm on those colder days.
At the moment I feel like I am definitely having a ‘toned down 80s mom’ phase. I am loving the high waisted jeans and there is something about pairing them with this black v-neck jumper that gives me all the ‘mom from the past’ vibes. So, onto the jumper. It is perhaps the softest jumper I have ever owned, owing to the fact that it is cashmere. Cashmere I hear you say, that must have cost you a fortune!? But, that is where you are wrong. This is one of many brilliant charity shop finds and let me tell you if you are after great quality, at good prices then the charity shop is the place to be. This cost me a couple of pounds and being such a lovely material it makes a brilliantly warm autumn basic and being black, again, it goes with everything. Can you tell I am a fan of this jumper?
The final thing I have to rave about is the fact that I am now the proud owner, thanks to a recent birthday, of a pair of Vans Old Skool trainers. However, these are no ordinary trainers, they are VELCRO people! I don’t think anyone understands how overly excited I was when I discovered that someone was making velcro shoes for adults. Don’t lie, it is all you have ever wanted. After taking a while to wear in I now wear these with pride and honestly I am loving re-living my youth with this brilliant take on a classic Vans shoe.

So, there you have it my current basic outfit for this weird, transitional time of year.My favourite things to pair with this basic outfit are my Topshop leather jacket and a black ribbed beanie, or if it is raining my fisherman style, grey raincoat. I for one can’t wait for Autumn to get into full swing, so I can search out all of my cosy jumpers and huge scarves. What are you most looking forward to wearing this autumn?

Love Holly x

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