Feeling Peckish?

Hidden away in the quiet village of Albrighton, home of the english rose, is the perfect place for amazing food and good catch up with friends – even with people you see all the time, I take any excuse to make a trip. Peckish has been one of my favourite cafés for many years now and today I  have decided to share with you all what makes me keep coming back for more (and more), and it isn’t just the cake…
Where to begin? Let’s go for the food, I mean after all that is really what I came on here to rave about. There simply is no other way to describe it apart from mouthwatering. Honestly, the cakes are to die for, the main meals are divine, they serve breakfast, lunch and snacks, and, although I am yet to try it, I know that they even serve homemade afternoon tea. Yum! It is the sort of place where you really do find it hard to stop eating because the choice is amazing and how could you say no to pudding when the homemade, gluten free chocolate brownie with ice-cream is calling you… exactly.
I have a few particular favourites, on the food and drink front, that I just keep going back for. I literally cannot help myself. So, what do I eat when I visit Peckish?
The Eggs Benedict. Oh my goodness, there are no words – and as you guys know there aren’t many occasions when I am stuck for words. I have always been a huge fan of this amazing dish & have sampled it in many cafés and restaurants, however, drum roll please, Peckish’s is 100% my favourite. I don’t know how they make it so good, but boy it is good. They always present it so beautifully and it even comes with a lovely little salad. This is the one for me, I daren’t try and count the amount of times I have had it.
Onto the cakes and sweet treats. They look so beautiful that it is hard not to be tempted, even when you are fit to burst. I have recently been diagnosed as wheat intolerant so was thinking that I would have to give pudding a miss on our last visit, however, that was not the case. That day they had three different, homemade gluten free cake/pudding options! I have never been so happy to have a brownie in all my life and with the choice of cream or ice-cream there is literally nothing to stop anyone eating more than their body weight in cake.
What to drink?
Strawberry Milkshake, or for that matter a chocolate variety made of actual chocolate bars! I needn’t really say that I love their milkshakes because that is a given, however I will tell you why I love them. They serve them in milk bottles! Actual glass milk bottles with cream and a little straw. Honestly, it is the cutest thing. Even if you don’t like milkshake you should 100% order this just to see how adorable it looks. Love it.
The classic Hot Chocolate. Now, this is something that I actually refrain from getting in a lot of cafés because they are so easy to get wrong, you know what I mean – that horrible, watery texture. Nice… Well, the staff at Peckish seem to have mastered the art of hot chocolate making and topped off with cream and marshmallows, it is just pure perfection. This is my current favourite place to order a hot chocolate, because they are just so chocolatey and the perfect size.

Although food is one of the most important ingredients for a good cafe, I believe that there are two more… atmosphere and decor. Let’s go with atmosphere first, this place has such a relaxed and welcoming vibe. Every time I am in there everyone, old and young, seems to be having a great time and I think this is testament to the lovely staff, they are so welcoming every time you go, and speedy service. Brilliant.
I have been pondering about how to describe the decor of this gorgeous cafe for a while now and I really want to say it has a contemporary, vintage style. Now, before you start screaming I know those are the complete opposite of each other, but what I am trying to say is that they have an amazing mixture of old and new going on. I won’t try and describe it any further because you can see how gorgeous it is in the pictures, maybe just some and see for yourselves? Plus, it has a lovely colourful garden that seems to have pugs that are regular visitors – YES!
This café gives me all the good vibes and and I can’t wait to return as soon as possible. Want to make a visit? You can find them on Albrighton High Street, open on Monday – Saturday 9:00 to 16:00 and on Sunday 10:00 – 14:00.
Also, check out their Facebook here, I can guarantee that if I haven’t already persuaded you to make a visit then their mouth-watering pictures will do so. What are your favourite cafés or café snacks, I’d love to know!
Love Holly x

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