August Anthems: A Summer Playlist

I recently talked about my love of discovering new music (read more here), but something that I haven’t talked about, and had forgotten about really, is how equally exciting it is to rediscover old music that you used to love. Isn’t that also the greatest feeling? I certainly think so. Certain songs or albums can so easily transport you back to different times in your life and I love that music has the power to bring back memories, happy or sad. This playlist is the best of both worlds (before you ask, no it isn’t Hannah Montana themed), it encompasses old and new music to create a fun summer vibe, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

To me there is a very nostalgic feel to my August Anthems and nostalgia is something that I always associate with summer. Fun in the sun with friends, family holidays and endless sunburn and bug bites – summer holds some great memories for me.
Anyway, before I get to wistful let’s get back to the music! I am yet to put my finger on exactly what it is about this playlist that creates such a nostalgic feel. Maybe it is because there ARE some cracking old songs on here from ‘back in the day’ (if I am not too young to use that expression) or maybe it is due to the style of the music I have been drawn to this August, which has an indescribable aura of days gone by about it. Either way, despite sounding like a soundtrack to a teen rom-com, a fact which I have no problem with by the way, this playlist is going to be the background music to my summer and I am looking forwards to seeing what August has in store for me.
In my quest for lost music I stumbled across some classics that I think some of you are going to love. I’m talking ‘Last Night’ by The Strokes, ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’ by Jet and ‘You Make My Dreams’ by Daryl Hall & John Oates and if these aren’t going to get you dancing then I don’t know what will. And, from the ‘old’ to the brand spanking new,  I had to include ‘Nothing’s Wrong’ from HAIM’s amazing new album. How could I not? I have long been a fan of theirs and this album, ‘Something to Tell You’, definitely doesn’t disappoint. Some of my other favourites from the album that didn’t make it into this playlist include ‘Little of Your Love’ & ‘Found it in Your Silence’. I could chat all day about what I have chosen to include in this playlist (as well as what I haven’t), but actually I think it is better for me to pipe down and just let you listen for yourself. I hope you enjoy it.

What are you up to this August and what are your go to summer songs?

Love Holly x

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