Card Haul

The process of shopping for cards is one of my favourite things, that is alongside buying presents. I love to find a card that really fits the personality of the person I will be sending it to and whenever I see gorgeous cards I can’t help but buy them even if I don’t have anyone particular in mind to receive them, hence the collection. Here’s a little look at some of my favourite cards and where I got them from, enjoy!

My Sunshine | Thank You Gem | Cat | Teal People | Stripes | Green Mouse House | Yay | Favourite Human | Holding Hands | Wonderful You
In terms of independent card shops two of my all time favourites are Paper Tiger and Curiouser & Curiouser, both of which we visited on a recent trip to Edinburgh. They are both the sort of shops where you want to buy EVERYTHING and they stock all manner of aesthetically pleasing products from chocolate and art prints to stationary and maps. My current favourite card, the embossed hands one (pictured above), is from Curiouser and Curiouser and I LOVE it! I’ll tell you now I am not in any rush to find someone to send that to.
On the other side of things, the non-independent (dark) side, one of best places to shop for cards is actually TKMaxx. Now I know this may surprise some of you, because cards are not what TKMaxx are known for, but honestly I think that they have a brilliant selection. They stock LOADS of different brands, including Meri Meri (love) and Brainbox Candy, and all at brilliant prices (an added bonus). I highly recommend you make a visit, as I often pick up lovely cards from there for just a pound or two, what’s not to love?

One day I hope to have enough cards to frame and create the cutest gallery wall you ever did see, wouldn’t it be just lovely! I am constantly scouring Pinterest for interesting ways to frame and display my cards so any suggestions would be very welcome. Where are your favourite places to shop for cards and all things lovely, let me know

Love Holly x

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