Easy DIY flower crown

Festival season is upon us, with Radio One’s Big Weekend starting today, and with that comes fun, sun and dressing up! Whether or not you are going to be attending a festival this year, this Easy DIY Flower Crown is a great way to get outside, have fun and end up looking good, all at the same time. So invite your friends round and let’s get creative…

What will you need: Scissors | String | Long Green Foliage (e.g Ivy, Reeds or Long Thick Grass ) | Long Stemmed Flowers | Small Decorative Flowers
So first of all you want to get one of your chosen pieces of long foliage and make a circle with it. You need to make sure the piece is long enough for you to secure it with string or a knot (as shown above) and not too leafy, that will come later. To make this step easier you can use a hat as your template and wrap the foliage around it, removing the hat once the base is tied to reveal the perfect circle. Another way to do this is to create a wire circle and wrap the foliage around that, this is a good method if you want a crown to withstand being played with by children – who seem to love flower crowns almost as much as I do!
You now want to take the rest of your long green foliage and weave it in and out of your circle to make your base really strong – you may need to secure any loose ends with string but don’t worry if there are any bits sticking out because you can trim them off later.
Now you have a strong base you need to take your long stemmed flowers and weave them around your crown, just as you did with the other foliage. For this step I used Japanese Wysteria because it has long flowery strands and as you can see below it made this step super easy. Keep repeating this step until your crown is overflowing with gorgeousness, remember you can use string to secure any loose ends. It will hopefully be looking oh so preeeety by now and so we move onto the final step.
To add the finishing touches to your crown take some little flowers, I used London Pride, and poke them into the foliage in random places (as shown above). Now all that is left to do is take your scissors and trim any little bits that are sticking out and voila you have your very own flower crown to parade with pride.
I was pleasantly surprised by how easy this was to do and I hope you all enjoy making them for yourselves in the sunshine!

Love Holly x

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