Exercise made Easy

Do you think you are too busy to exercise? I know a lot of people do. Many of you are probably thinking that I am mad to think that there is ANY room for exercise in your schedule that is already fit to burst with revision or work. But hear me out. Exercise is a great way to re-energise and refocus yourself and is a proven way of reducing stress, I can vouch for that. What if I told you that I have found a way that you can get a great workout in just ten minutes, leaving you focused and ready for the day? Impossible you say? Well think again…

I discovered the Daily Yoga¬†App about three months ago whilst looking for something to fix my habit of not exercising enough. Searching through the App Store Daily Yoga seemed to be exactly what I was looking for, with exercise sessions which took up as little or as much time as you wanted. There are so many free sessions to choose from, my favourite being ‘Quick Stress Relief’. The app offers yoga for people of every level, from beginner (me) to master (definitely not me).


After choosing which session you want to do a voice guides you through the exercises alongside a video/ animation that shows you exactly what you are supposed to be doing. It is really easy to use and it only took one session for me to become hooked. One of the great things about Daily Yoga is that you can also choose to enrol in a programme free of charge. These vary in length, but many are about a week long. You choose a time of day that suits you and the app reminds you to complete a session each day at that time. Great for those of us who need a bit of motivation.
I hope this has shown you that you don’t need to take loads of time out of your day to fit in exercise, even if you are the busiest bee. Before I downloaded this app I was really skeptical about yoga but being able to do it in my own time and in the comfort of my own home I have really begun to see the benefits and I hope you will too. What is your favourite way to exercise?
Love Holly x

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