DIY Geometric Wall Art

Whilst browsing through Pinterest for some interiors inspiration last week I kept coming across amazing geometric walls that people had painted themselves. I loved the idea of doing my own but the idea of committing myself to having a whole wall like that was a bit much so I decided to do a canvas instead to see how it worked out. I was really pleased with how easy and quick it was to do and I know you guys are going to love making your own, so here is an easy guide so you can do just that.
To make your very own geometric wall art you will need a small canvas or piece of paper, some masking tape, a white tube of acrylic, three coloured tubes of acrylic and a paintbrush. You may also want to grab something to put your paint in/on, an old plate or bit of plastic packaging can both act as great alternatives to a palette.
The first thing you need to do is to create a geometric pattern with your masking tape. To do this take your masking tape and place it at angles across your surface (as shown above). When doing this try not to create squares or rectangles between the tape, instead aim for triangles or shapes of a similar nature. Also make sure you press the tape down so it is flat, this will ensure that no paint will seep under the tape and ruin your beautifully straight edges!
Next you need to fill in all the shapes between the tape with your chosen colours. I chose to use pastel colours, inspired by all the gorgeous Easter decorations around at the moment, but you can choose any colours to do this with. I recommend choosing three colours, this way it is easier to make sure you don’t paint the same colours next to each other and the finished piece will look much better for it. If you want to create your own pastel colours just mix the tiniest bit (and I mean the tiniest bit) of coloured paint with a lot of white and hey presto, you are good to go.

Now all you have to do is wait. This is probably the most frustrating stage because all you want to do is rip off that tape before the paint is quite dry but DON’T. If you do that your edges will be all wobbly and your inner perfectionist will NOT be thanking you. When you are sure that your paint is 100% dry, carefully peel off your tape in an upwards motion and you will reveal your beautiful masterpiece.


I was really pleased with how my geometric art piece came out, it was definitely a lot easier than I thought it would be. It would be really lovely to make one of these using someones favourite colours and give it as a really personal gift. I am definitely converted to masking tape art and maybe after this I will pluck up the courage to do a whole wall, who knows?

Love Holly x

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