Free Printable Calendars / 2

As promised in my first calendar post here is the follow up with the calendars for March, April and May. The problem that I find when I BUY a calendar is that I normally get bored by the theme by the time we reach about May! For this very reason I wanted these calendars to be a bit different from each other and have a bit of variety. I think by keeping the theme fresh it will remind us to actually use the calendar and therefore stay more organised.

I am really pleased with how these calendars have come out and I hope you like them as much as I do. I can’t believe how quickly the year seems to have gone already, I mean, where did January go!? Having said this, it made me really happy to be making the March calendar because it means Spring is just round the corner. Finally the weather may begin to turn and all the loveliness of Spring shine into our houses, or not as the case may be here in England…
It is never too late to kick start some organisation and downloading these calendars is a great place to begin. Just taking a few minutes of your time to download and print off March, April and May, could be the start of a whole new, organised you! So why not go for it?
Download the March, April and May Calendars below:
Love Holly x


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