Valentine’s Post

This Valentines, or Pal-entines/ Gal-entines Day depending on how you’re celebrating it, I decided to send some homemade cards to my friends to tell them how much I appreciate them being in my life. In the last few years I have started to like Valentines Day more and this is because it seems to be more about all kinds of love. It has become a great excuse to say thank you to loved ones for always being there and make sure everyone is feeling the looove.

It is really important to be grateful for ALL the people who love you, support you and choose to have you in their lives and today is a fab time to do this. Alongside this, being grateful is actually supposed to make you happier, so as well as the people receiving your Valentines Day wishes being made to feel super happy, you should too. It is a win, win situation and takes me onto another new & brilliant aspect of the modern Valentines Day, self love.

As well as showering love onto all the people around you, Valentines Day is a perfect excuse to show yourself the love that you know you deserve. Play your favourite music, eat your favourite food and that bath bomb that you have been saving, today is the day to use it! It isn’t selfish, it is called taking care of yourself and it rocks!
So, however you are celebrating, I hope you have a lovely day and Happy Valentines Day!
Love Holly x


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