Ludlow Haul

In my last post I talked about the lovely shops in Ludlow but didn’t show you what I bought in the shops because I was saving that for today. There were so many gorgeous things on offer as we pottered around and we could have bought a lot, however, these were the few things that stood out and made it home with us. What lovely things they are!

I have loved the brand Lazy Oaf for a long time and so couldn’t quite believe my eyes when we came across these Lazy Oaf cat plates whilst strolling around. They were just sitting outside a shop and were insanely reduced to £2.00 each, due to slight imperfections in the print. We obviously snapped them up immediately and I was so pleased. Maybe one of them will come to university with me but for now they certainly make meal times just that bit more fun.

Staying with cute crockery we also snapped up another bargain, the loveliest little mug by Perfectly Put Together, for just £1.00. This was from the market, somewhere don’t normally tend to explore. After finding this, however, I think you will definitely find me venturing into more markets and they seem like a really great place to get things for good prices.
In my Exploring Ludlow post I talked about the shop, Black Bough. We bought two things from there, a card and some tiny rubbers, both of which were packaged up beautifully for us. I really like buying cards, firstly because I like sending them and secondly because they are a really inexpensive way to decorate a wall with art. Just whack them in a frame and hey presto! We thought we could put the rubbers in a little bowl for people to use and they will look super pretty.
Love Holly x


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