Exploring Ludlow

One of my favourite things to do is to explore interesting places with interesting shops, restaurants and architecture. This is a love my family share and so last week it seemed fitting that we should venture out of the mist that seems to have been enveloping our house for the last few weeks and take ourselves off to have a good explore. We chose Ludlow, a small town in south Shropshire, as the destination for our adventure because we knew it had lovely independent shops and we hadn’t been there for a while. And it is fair to say it didn’t disappoint…
The shop ’55 Mill Street’ is a treasure trove of all things vintage. Everything in it is beautifully arranged and there is just SO much stuff to search through. It is at least three stories of gorgeousness and there is even a courtyard full of fun things for the garden. We really enjoyed having a nosey through all the bits and bobs and only left because we needed to get some food.

We ate lunch at the ‘Smokehouse Deli and Cicchetti Bar’, after having it recommended to us by the lady in ’55 Mill Street’. It was the tiniest little place and we absolutely loved it. Our food to die for, as you can see above, and so full of flavour. The whole place just felt so authentically Italian and was a lovely change from the normal lunch experience, we will definitely be going back.
The best shop in Ludlow, in my opinion, is ‘Black Bough‘. This is one of those shops that is so bang on trend, but still kind of quirky, and it just makes you want to weep with joy (or maybe that is just me!). The style of the shop is a brilliant mix of old and new that is actually quite hard to explain without showing you it, so click here to see their website. I just love it and it won’t be long until we return to marvel at their lovely masterpiece of a shop.

As we were leaving the sun came out and gave a beautiful winter light to the place, it looked gorgeous. It was lovely to walk back to the car through the sun and rounded off a brilliant day in Ludlow. I really recommend if you are in the area you give Ludlow a visit and check out some of these brilliant places.

Love Holly x

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