Christmas Inspiration: Gift Boxes

My friends are the sweetest and they always give really thoughtful presents, with this Christmas being no exception. Amongst lots of other beautiful gifts, I was given two separate boxes of goodies by two different people and both were full of loveliness. This is an idea that I hadn’t really come across before and I thought that it was so cute that I had to share it with you.
The first box was a ‘Friendship in a Box‘ gift box by Milly Inspired. This is such a well thought out box which celebrates everything amazing about friendship. The items in this box are so carefully chosen and that results in everything having a beautiful meaning, from the tea bag to brew & have a catch up over, to the desk buddy that holds quotes to remind you how important friendship is.

This was a really lovely present to receive, I felt very lucky, and I will certainly be looking to Milly Inspired for future present giving inspiration. The presentation of the box was gorgeous from start to finish and the colour scheme was very of the moment. If you are looking for a way to show your friends how much you appreciate them then I can tell you, from being on the receiving end of this present, that this is a great way to go.
The next box I received was so thoughtful and just as beautiful as the first. I am unsure as to which company created this, or if my friend created it, but it was fabulous and I’m sure if you wanted to gift something similar a quick google search would give you all the answers. This gift box contained a personalised letter writing kit, complete with the cutest stickers and some envelopes, it also had the most gorgeous stationary lover pencils in, which were right up my street.
The reason this box was such a lovely gift to receive is that I will be starting university in September and my friend who gave me this gift won’t be. This gift will mean that I can write to her and we can stay in contact in a more personal way. I love sending and receiving letters and cards, it is a special way of communicating that shouldn’t be overlooked as the world seems to be overtaken by technology.
Overall these gift boxes make beautiful presents, which are so personal and heartwarming. To add an even more personal touch you could make your own boxes for your friends or family adding their favourite bits and pieces. I don’t think this would be too hard and it is definitely something I am considering for 2017 birthdays, so watch this space.
Love Holly x


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