What’s in my bag?

For some reason I have recently been loving watching ‘What’s in My Bag?’ videos on YouTube, ┬ámaybe because it is nice to know that I am not the only one who carries too much around in too smaller bag, or maybe it is just because I am nosy! Either way I thought it would be fun to share with you what is in my bag, so here goes…

My bag is actually from Primark and I have had it for about a year. Despite being from Primark it has stayed looking almost brand new, which is surprising considering how badly I treat it.The size is perfect, not to big or too small, and I like how it can be a shoulder or a hand bag depending on what I am doing/wearing.

Firstly we have the permanent residents of my bag, my iPhone and my Accessorize purse. I got this purse for my last birthday, it is a gorgeous yellow ochre colour and it is the perfect size for me. Alongside this other things I deem essential to carry around are a packet of mints, because no-one likes smelly breath pens, and a mirror. I got this mirror when I went to see Marina and the Diamonds and so it brings back great memories as well being super useful.

I tend to change what I carry around as the seasons change and as we approach summer some new things have crept into my bag. For those rare sunny moments I have my prescription sunglasses and a scrunchie to throw up my hair when it is just too hot. Neither of these have really been in that much use yet as we are still seemingly waiting for summer in England, despite this the weather hasn’t stopped me from summering up my makeup and for on the go this comes in the form of my Calvin Klein lipgloss in the shade ‘Shades of Pink’.

Summer can really dry out your skin and lips so to try and stop this from happening I carry ‘Hand Sh*t’ moisturiser and a Maybelline Baby Lips Lip balm in Mint Fresh. Both are so nourishing and small enough to keep in my bag without making it bulky. I also like to carry a sketchbook around because I am really into art and I never want to miss an opportunity to draw something I love. This is a relatively new addition to my bag and I can’t wait to fill it with drawings and notes about my travels.

Love Holly x

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