Holiday Book Haul

Despite the fact I love to read, over the past few years I have just found myself so busy with school and exams that I haven’t managed to read as much as I would have liked. One of the best things about finishing school is that I have had lots of free time to use to do my own thing and do some reading that isn’t just gathering extra information for my school work.

After really, really enjoying the T.V series, ‘The Durrells‘, I was so excited when my mum recently bought me the book that the series was based on. It is called ‘My Family and Other Animals’ and is a true story about a family who moved to Corfu and all the crazy adventures they got up to through the eyes of the youngest sibling, and author, Gerald Durrell. I cannot wait to read this, I just know I am going to love it.

Greyson Perry has been one of my favourite artists for a number of years now, so when I spotted this story of his life, as told in his own words I knew I had to have it. It is entitled Grayson Perry: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl’ and I it will help me to discover how¬†his life has influenced his incredible artwork and helped him get to where he is today. He is a huge inspiration to me and if you are interested in concepts such as masculinity and gender then I suggest you watch his incredible documentary, ‘All Man’.

I also picked up ‘All The Bright Places’ by Jennifer Niven, which I have heard many great things about and am really looking forward to reading, and ‘My Own Story (Suffragette)’ which, to my sheer joy, is actually a historical account of the events of the Suffragette movement written by Emmeline Pankhurst herself. I am hopefully going to study history in September at university and I love social history so cannot wait to give this a read and build on what I already know about the movement.

Love Holly x

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