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I love TK Maxx and I like to visit it regularly to look for new bargains. When we went at the weekend and, alongside buying a lovely puffa jacket by Champion, I bought this Calvin Klein Makeup. I really like how TK Maxx makes big brands, that most of us would otherwise not be able to afford, accessible.

This is one of the best bargains that I have ever found in TK Maxx. This set of Calvin Klein bronzer and two lip glosses cost me just £3, with the normal price being £29. I just couldn’t believe my eyes and had to refrain from buying an excess, such a bargain.

The bronzer is shade ‘14303 Sun Bathe’ from the ‘Summer Affair’ collection and to be honest is a bit dark for me. This doesn’t matter too much as it just means I will have to apply less, in a way it is good because it will last longer. It goes onto the brush really easily and although I am not normally a fan of bronzer I would really recommend this.

The lip gloss shades are ‘22311 Berry Cool’ and ‘22312 Shades of Pink’ from Calvin Klein‘s lip gloss collection ‘Ultimate Edge’. I really like both of these, they have an almost cream like consistency and are easy to apply with your finger. My preferred shade at the moment is ‘Berry Cool’ because it is quite a wintery shade however, I think ‘Shades of Pink’ will be lovely to wear in the summer and I can’t wait.

Another thing to say about these lip glosses is that they are a great size to just slot into your pocket or bag to use when you are on the go and because they aren’t in a tube you don’t have to worry that they might squeeze out into your handbag and mess everything up, a great design. The shades aren’t hugely long lasting, what lip gloss is, however I have noticed that they last for slightly longer than quite a few high street lip glosses I own, which I suppose is what you pay for.

Overall great products at a stunning price, I recommend that you all get yourselves down to a TK Maxx soon before they all sell out! Enjoy!

Love Holly x

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