Zines / Red, White and Black

‘There is a shade of red for every woman’ – Audrey Hepburn
Here is another one of the zines that I have recently created. Again this was an A5 creation, I just really like them small, I think the dinkiness of them just gives them even more appeal. The theme of this zine is the colours red, black and white. I really like how it has come out, I really like the striking red against the black and white.

Out of all the zines I have created this is possibly my favourite one. When I had finished it I felt like it just needed something else so I decided to add some triangular road signs, they were just something a bit different. I am so pleased with the finished product. I recommend if you haven’t tried making a zine that you give it a go, they are quick and easy art. Check out my other zine posts here and here, you can also find a link to Tavi Gevinson’s zine tutorial in those posts.

Love Holly x

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