Newfound Songs I’m Lovin’

Recently I have been really struggling to find new music to listen to and I just don’t know why. I have been re-listening to a lot of David Bowie classics (obviously) but other than that I have had to turn to Spotify for inspiration. On my browsing journey through Spotify I came across two absolutely gorgeous songs, and so I suppose you could say mission completed.

The first song is Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Russian Red, this is a cover of the awesome 1980s classic by Cyndi Lauper and it is lovely to hear a really different style of voice. Russian Red is a Spanish indie/folk singer who writes her own songs, as well as performing covers. I love how she is an artist as well as a musician, you can check out her website here.

Secondly I came across White Winter Hymnal by Birdy (originally by Fleet Foxes) and on hearing it I repeated it three times before moving on. It is such a beautiful song and I had no idea that Birdy had covered it, even though I have been a fan of her music for many years. I don’t know how I missed it! It is enchanting and I really recommend it. If you ever get an opportunity to see Birdy live I would also really recommend it, we saw her at the V Festival a few years ago and she is inspirational. It also becomes all the more impressive when you realise she is only 19 years old.

Love Holly x

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