Zines / Under the Sea

I feel like I haven’t made any zines for ages! I find creating them a really relaxing and creative process. The fact they are relatively quick to make is one of the reasons I like them so much. I always want to do art outside school but don’t want it to take over the work I am doing for my exams, making these perfect.
I decided to theme this zine around the seaside, as although I am not a big fan of sand or the sea, the seaside is a really happy, summery place. It was fun to make a summery zine in the winter as it temporarily took me away from the cold and the wet.

I made the collages by cutting up old Pop and Glamour magazine, the background is also from an old Pop magazine. It is great to look for different textures in different magazines.


If you want to make your own zines you can use Tavi Gevinson’s tutorial for Rookie Magazine. Remember you don’t need to use A3 paper, A4 is fine, it just means your final product will be smaller.

Love Holly x

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