Marina & The Diamonds / Concert

Amazing doesn’t even begin to cover it when talking about the Marina and the Diamonds concert that I was so lucky to be at this time last week. My friend and I love her and were so disappointed when we saw that the nearest venue to us was sold out. Luckily there were a few tickets left on Get Me In, a great website to get tickets for events that are sold out, and we bought them immediately.

After a great opening set from the support act, Clock Opera, Marina took to the stage proceeding to play her whole career out before us. The show was structured in chronological order of album release and split into 3 acts plus an encore.

I enjoyed the Electra Heart set the most because this is my favourite of Marina’s albums, partly because of how symbolic it is (look it up). Hearing ‘Teen Idle’ live was so electrifying and 1000 times more atmospheric than listening to it through my earphones. Other than ‘Teen Idle’ I loved ‘How To Be A Heartbreaker’ in this set, ‘I Am Not A Robot’ in The Family Jewels set and ‘Happy’ and ‘Blue’ from the encore. See the show’s setlist here.

Marina changed her character and costume to fit as she toured us through her albums with each costume change bringing a different feel to the stage (teamed with the amazing graphics). It was essentially like three concerts in one. Marina has changed a fair bit since her first album and it was nice to see these changes played out before us. This was a proper show and was worth every penny we paid for it.

I loved every minute of the concert and Marina and her band were fabulous. As a souvenir I bought a small mirror which says ‘Marina and the Diamonds’ on the back of it, I hope every time I use it that it will remind me of what was a great night.

Love Holly x

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