Habitat Ceramics

I was browsing Habitat‘s website recently and came across some really beautiful ceramic vases and bowls. To be honest I don’t really have much to say about them apart from they are beautiful.

I first became interested in ceramics when I went to a Grayson Perry exhibition in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. It was mainly to see his tapestries, which were amazing, but there were also a few of his vases there. Since then I have begun to notice well made ceramic pieces not only in the art world but in our high street shops and I think the following Habitat examples show that anyone can own beautiful pieces of pottery of they want to, at what are quite reasonable prices.


Pippin Blue Neck Ceramic Vase – £25
Dunn Multi-Coloured Patterned Round Ceramic Vase – £35
Fernanda Black & White Patterned Ceramic Vase – £25
Doodle Multi-Coloured Patterned Ceramic Bowl – £30


Langdon Multi-Coloured Patterned Cylinder Ceramic Vase – £30
Vortice Black & White Patterned Ceramic Bowl – £40
Jackson Multi-Coloured Ceramic Decorative Bowl – £35
Cyrus Yellow Ceramic Pear Object – £20

Love Holly x

(pictures: habitat.co.uk)

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