Anthropologie / Bath

In half term we made a trip to Bath for a lovely family meal and whilst we were there we popped into Anthropologie. This was great as I have only ever been to their London store and it turned out that this one was even bigger, and to be honest I thought it was better. My favourite section of Anthropologie is the House & Home section because you can always find really beautifully designed pieces, many of which are so individual. Unfortunately we were just a bit too early for Christmas decorations and so internet shopping will be necessary, but we had a lovely time browsing through everything else.
It is not only the products that interest me inĀ Anthropologie but the decor. Each shop is stunningly designed with something interesting for the eye in every corner. My favourite interior design feature on this particular trip was a gorgeous art covered bench, pictured above, it was obviously handmade and it looked amazing.
We bought a gorgeous dish and it looks so cute sitting on our sink (we are using it as a soap dish). I am not sure what sort of animal it actually is, I suppose you could say it is a fox, but it looked so sweet that we couldn’t resist getting it! One thing I would say about Anthropologie is that I think it is quite overpriced, just as a lot of shops are these days. However on the bright side they do have a big sale on at the moment so there may be some bargains to be found.
Love Holly x

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