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This article on how the amazing musical Hairspray helped Shelby Bouck embrace her curvy figure is inspirational. It is about body image and  shows the impact that the media can have on how someone sees themselves and their body from a very young age. My favourite part of the article is when Shelby really expresses what the character of Tracey meant to her when she first saw her….

‘I was done for. Hooked. Addicted. I watched with the kind of wonder people usually reserve for fireworks shows. Tracy was sure of herself. She knew how talented and hardworking she was, and she knew her hair was awesomeShe was an ally for racial equality. She even convinced her similarly plus-size mom that she was beautiful and deserved to look glamorous and have fun. Tracy’s clothes were flashy, her values were radical, her voice was loud, and all the time she was voluptuous, curvy, chubby, ample, fat.’ – Shelby Bouck

I really recommend that you give the article a read, it is a great one, and whilst you are at it browse HelloGiggles, a blog, set up by Zooey Deschanel, Molly McAleer and Sophia Rossi, described as a positive community for women.

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