Bristol & The Gourmet Burger Kitchen

For my last university open day, in September, we visited Bristol and it was just so cool. A really trendy place with great shops and a really interesting university. I don’t know whether to describe Bristol as a campus or not, as it is quite spread out, and although it is connected to the town it feels as though it is it’s own little town. There is a great mixture of old and new buildings and the accomadation is really versatile.

The History course was really intriguing because it is a bit different, focusing more on ‘doing’ History in depth and breadth, rather than leaving the depth to the dissertation in the third year. The research seems to be really active and it is certainly a very hands on course, which could possibly make it more demanding but it sounds like it prepares you well for work in the real world.

Whilst in Bristol we had lunch in the Gourmet Burger Kitchen, which is situated on Park Street. It was my first time in GBK, although I had heard about it, so I was really excited to try it. The food came really quickly which was good becasue I had a History talk to go to, and when it arrived it was gorgeous. I just had a normal burger with skinny fries and when they say skinny they mean skinny, they were so cute.


My brother and I both had strawberry milkshakes, which we agreed were just so so nice. They were made with Yeo Valley and tasted a lot like an Ed’s Shake, that just so happen to be my favourite milkshakes EVER. Another great thing about the milkshakes was that they came in HUGE containers and so I felt we got what we paid for.

The decor was really cool and a lot of the signs were styled like scrabble tiles which was a lovely touch. There was a great range of textures in the restaurant and the colours didn’t look like they should work but they did! Overall it was a great experience and I will definitely be trying to find one closer to home, keeping my fingers crossed that there is one in B’ham.

If you get a chance to go to Bristol I would say visit Park Street because there are so many wonderful shops, including Cass Art, my favourite art shop ever. It is just a great shopping street.

Love Holly x

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