On the Music Front

1.Petite Meller’s music video for her song Baby Love is just so cool, I love how weird it is and that you can’t help but watch it when it is on. I first saw it on holiday in Lake Garda, we were watching the music channel because it was one of the few interesting English channels. This was definitely one of my favourite tunes this summer and really got me in the mood for sunshine, such a shame that the weather has now turned against us! At least Petite can keep us in the mood.

2. I was excited to hear, listening to Radio 1 on the coach the other morning, that Sam Smith is doing the theme tune for the new James Bond film, it made my morning. I know not everyone likes Sam Smith but I think he is so talented and will make an excellent job of it. He will definitely do the legacy of James Bond soundtracks justice.

3. On hearing Impossible by Lion Babe for the first time my immediate reaction was of dislike, however this song is actually really good. It is completely different to the sort of music I normally listen to, but that is what I like about it. It is fun and I think that Lion Babe have a bright future ahead of them.

Love Holly x

(photo credit: consequenceofsound.net)

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